GIS/Web Mapping
As complex as you need, but still simple to read

In our experience with small government and small businesses, even before Smilewhale's conception, we have seen plenty of good people wanting to share information but they think they lack the technology to do so. It is thought to make a good map you need to fork out a large amount of cash for a program, to make a web map you need to start thinking about servers.

Jeez, how much time and money is that going to cost.
Our service does not require you to:
  • Have your own GIS server/database
  • Have ANY kind of GIS program or subscriptions

If you have the data and a vision, we will do our best to develop an easy to share map, customized to the needs of your consumer. Our teams combined background in GIS and Web Development gives us the know-how and gumption to deliver you a professional map that reads well and runs well on the devices your consumers use to view them.

Simply intuitive and responsive maps

We live in a world that is technologically and ecologically conscious. This makes delivering the option of an electronic map that is able to adapt to whichever device it is being viewed a significant selling point.

Below is an example of a parade route for our hometown, Iowa Falls. It adjusts to your device to give you a readable map regardless of how you view it.

Iowa Falls Parade Route

The parade will start at 3pm 07/04.

Please be sure to get there early with your chairs and/or blankets, as spots will fill up quickly.

Complexity to fit your project

Not all projects are as simple as displaying a parade route. Some require you to clearly display data in unique ways to best get the point of the map across.

The map below adds a bit more complexity. It uses data gathered from the Iowa DNR and adds a control that you can turn layers on and off with.

Yellow River and Surrounding Creeks, Iowa
Trout Streams vs Impaired Streams

Infer any correlations you feel are necessary