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About us
Pigeon Sanctuary and Re-Education.

We make it our top priority to remove pigeons from your signage and property, relocate them, convince them that they belong with us, and educate them on proper pigeon racing techniques and message delivery.

We strive to be the most humane method of pigeon removal in the midwest. We are firm believers in re-education not institutionalization.

Happy pigeons, away from you and your clients.

To be the leader in humane pigeon removal, we do our best to offer the most affordable pigeon removal at the best rate we can afford while still paying our skilled removal experts and pigeon educators a live-able wage.

Our services come down to two things:

  • We remove the pigeon from your property, and give you a photograph of that pigeon
  • If you ever see the pigeon in that photo again, your complete payment is refunded and we send him back to school
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